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Glass Pebble: sheets (film)

Glass pebbles are manufactured from refuse float (or Pilkington) glass and color oxides. The ratio of refuse glass to color oxides for the color line averages 97:3. The manufacturing process differs from that of most glass mosaic lines as those typically entail a large furnace of red-hot liquid glass which is poured into or through molds which give the mosaic it’s shape. This tile is manufactured in a sintered process which stamps raw materials (in our case, pulverized float glass and color oxides) into individually pressed mosaic shapes. Conveyed through a linear kiln, these small powder pieces emerge after fusing and annealing as the strongest, most durable glass mosaic on the market. These sheeted glass pebbles can be used indoors, outdoors and in commercial or industrial applications such as building exteriors, pools, spas, fountains, walkways and entrances.

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