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10mm (3/8 inch)

The entire Quadra collection in miniature. Using ready made mini mosaic significantly reduces the amount of time and skill needed to create intricate or realistic mosaic designs. Most of these products are paper mounted meaning that they are easy to soak loose in large quantities making them ideal for schools and institutions.The Classic Collection has a vast selection of colours at affordable prices. These can be combined with the Quadra 20mm Classic Collection to add detail and interest easily.Murrini are a crowd favourite as they shiny and bright and easy to clean. Ottoman Treasure is the latest addition to our mini mosaic, sold loose it is versatile, gorgeous and incredibly easy to use. And let's not forget our favourites Soft Glass Puzzles and Moonshine Measures, the perfect tile for all children's projects or for use in communities where the cutting of tiles may be restricted or prohibited, the polygonal shapes fit together making mosaic a snap.

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